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Zamani Trading Company with nearly 15 years of experience in importing various types of induction seal liners is one of the pioneer suppliers of induction liners for food and pharmaceutical products as well as industrial goods. Relying on the experience of trained staff and cooperation with world-class suppliers is responsible for providing induced flood consumption of famous food and industrial companies all over the country. Aluminum Seal Liners products imported by Zamani Trading are often imported from Taiwan, China, Malaysia and Germany and meet the needs of a wide range of different industries from food to medicine, agricultural products, pesticides and  detergents and disinfectants and industrial lubricants and so on.

What is Induction Sealing?

Induction Sealing is a type of non-contact heating process by creating a magnetic field that seals non-metallic containers with a plastic cap containing an induction foil gasket (liner) so that The entry and exit of gas and liquid become impermeable. There are different types of induction seal aluminum liners. These washers can be one-piece (single-layer) or two-piece (two-layers). Uses of single-layer type may be different for some products, but for some other products, both single-layer and double-layer type may be used. See this article for more information.

Benefits of Induction Sealing

One of the most important concerns of manufacturers is proper packaging of their product. Product packaging must be neat, beautiful and secure. Also, in terms of ensuring that the product does not leak during transportation, storage and sale process, as well as maintaining the freshness of the product and at the same time eliminating the possibility of tampering with the packaged product. Induction seal liners have several advantages such as ease of use, economical price, elimination of the possibility of product leakage, preservation of product freshness (significant increase in product shelf life), elimination of the possibility of tampering or overcoming the product, increasing consumer confidence and usability It comes with a wide range of containers (PET, polyethylene, polypropylene, glass…). That is why this method has become one of the most popular methods of sealing of various products in the world.

Different types of Aluminum Seal liners

There are different types of aluminum induction seal liners. In fact, there are two major differences between different aluminum seals. The first difference is related to the material of the container that is to be sealed with aluminum. Each specific type of aluminum seal adheres specifically to only one type of container, such as PET, polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), or glass, so the first major difference between these products is the type of container to be placed. The next fundamental difference is in the number and type of layers that make up the aluminum seal. It may be a single-layer or double-layer seal, the second layer of which may be made of cardboard or polyethylene foam.


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