Induction Seal Liner Price

Induction Seal Liner Price

Induction Seal Liner Price

The induction seal liners price would be one of the main factors in any manufacturer’s decision to use them or not. Therefore one of the main questions of any manufacturer would be the price of induction seal liners.  use this product for the first time.

  • Induction Seal Application

One of the factors affecting the price of induction flood gasket is its application. The fact that induction seal washers are intended for PET, polyethylene, polypropylene or glass containers will definitely affect its price. For example, the price of glass induction flood will be more expensive than PET induction flood.

  • Type of foil seal liners

As described in detail in other sections, there are several types of induction foils available. Being 1 pc pr 2 pc types, the thickness of the foil and cardboard or its quality will have a direct impact on the price of the induced seal gasket. Aluminum seals for pesticides and corrosive chemicals are more expensive products compared to food and industrial washers.

  • Be imported or domestic made

Imported types have higher quality and, of course, higher prices than domestic types. European varieties are usually more expensive than Chinese or Malaysian varieties.

  • Seal liner size

Another parameter that has a direct impact on the price of seal foil is the size of the washer. If the material of the washers is the same, the larger the washer is, the higher the price would be. Of course, sometimes there are exceptions for some sizes. Depending on the width of the roll from which the washer is punched, some sizes may have more waste during production, and despite the smaller size, sometimes the price is higher than the larger washer.

  • Logo or public printing

If you need to print on washers, the price of induction flood aluminum will definitely increase. If the only difference between the washers is the printing, the simple washer will be the cheapest, the washer with the general print medium and the washer with the special print will have the highest price. Keep in mind that to print a logo, the customer must be the owner of the brand and be able to provide brand ownership documents. Otherwise, it will not be possible to print the logo and brand.

  • Order Quantity

The last parameter affecting the price of seal foil is the number that the buyer will announce for the order. The higher the number required, the lower the cost of production and, of course, the lower the price of floods.

Finally, it should be noted that the quality of the seal washer and the price of the two items are interdependent. Certainly the desired quality of a product will greatly affect the cost of the product and will increase it. If the price of a product is significantly lower than a quality product, the quality of the product in question should be questioned and it should be examined more closely in terms of quality. Many times some sellers do not observe fairness and give incorrect information to the buyer. For example, just whether a food grade is a food grade or not significantly affects its price. Now, if a seller, far from fair, offers the industrial washer to the buyer instead of the seal of the food grade, his product will find a significant price difference with the product of another seller who correctly offered the seal of the food grade to the buyer. Many times this difference in price will mislead the buyer and cause him to make an inappropriate purchase. Many times, it is only after purchasing and consuming the gaskets and the occurrence of numerous problems that the buyer realizes the reason for the low price of the purchased product, considering the financial loss and time. Our strong recommendation is that when faced with similar conditions, be sure to receive samples from both sellers and after performing several tests and careful review of samples, proceed to purchase. Merely considering the price of flood foil may not have the desired result and may cause you losses. If you need to receive the price list of induction flood foil, please contact Zamani commercial sales staff by phone or WhatsApp.

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